Electro Tubes The online shop for audio vacuum tubes

This site is designed for to sale the large collection of electro tubes, which I have collected over the last 30 years.

Common brands such as: Telefunken, Philips, Adzam, RCA, General electric, Tung-Sol, Tungsram, Mullard, Sylvania, Amperex,....

Order electro tubes via button on the top or via the button "Total tubes in stock" on the left side.


Terms and conditions.

If you made the decision to order a specific electro tube, the procedure goes as follows:
After completing your order. I will set the item status to reserved and I will check if the tubes can be delivered according to your wishes.
You will receive a confirmation email in which you'll find the total cost price and the details of your order.
The shipment will only go through after a money transfer.
Item prices are priced a piece in Euros.
20% of listed electron tubes are new. The remaining 80% are rated at 70% or higher on my AVO MK4 tester.
All prices shown are incl VAT.
Most tubes are tagged with "USA/W-Europ". You can ask more information by using our contact form.
Tubes will be shipped worldwide by "DPD" unless other arrangements are made.
Shipping costs for Belgium using bPost are €5,00.
See Shipping rates for more information.

Contact information:

Henk Peters
Bunderstraat 254
6231 EP
nv Alcon
This number is only meant for calls, text messages are disregarded.
I do not go to stock markets. Pickup of tubes is only possible after an arrangement.
Reservation on tubes expires after 14 days.
Prices are subject to change.